Top News? Time to stop payroll opportunism that pretends to be journalism and to start calling the truth in all things by her right name!By Sigrid Countess von Galen

Top News? Time to stop payroll opportunism that pretends to be journalism and to start calling the truth in all things by her right name!
By Sigrid Countess von Galen

There was a time, along ago for most, when journalists were a respected breed free of greed and stayed well away from dangerous associations, that are engaging secretly in invisibly spun organised joint enterprise crime.
Nowadays, even journalists want to be the ‘VI.P.’ and jump the queue and like to be served their premier cru by a corrupt multi-nationally bullying and bribing host, or by some five star chef, and for ‘serious offshore money and property’ also get delivered the exclusive and an early tip-off and spread for smokescreens to their colleagues in exchange every wrong and opposite direction clue!
Writers, who have been entrusted by whistleblowers with life-saving sensitive information sit on it, until it is too late to prevent the next crime against humanity but rather wait for the highest bidder and even payment in bit coins after the catastrophy, as they have been offered a sensationalist monopoly and more than the going rate fee by some unscrupulously corrupt and unholy see!
Some suddenly get offered a book deal about anything but the truth to write in order to prevent the explosives of facts to ignite that the journalist was to reveal! Well, such mercenary pen abuser must not forget to state in his press card union and on his tax return that the earnings are deriving 100% from opportunism, not from journalism.
Whatever happened to their early yearnings to expose the truth no matter the cost, as there are indeed lives lost to ritual knives, who do not even receive a mention in any post of 99% of the so-called journalists, who fall into the category of silent and purposefully blind and deaf payroll mercenaries and opportunists?!
If indeed, most ever had such noble and selfless ambition to bring down fascism and organised criminality for the sake of humanity! Many in so-called high places of media and in print seem to be content, whatever they can get to take and their empathy for yet another interview or analysis for yet another fee and favour to fake!
Time to stand up to this silent wall and spiderweb, and to point the finger at the members of secret societies, who even boast under abuse of immunity about their notorieties and have no shame to frame an innocent name and to put in sensationalist manner false blame on a truly principled and honest dame.
Take a good look in the mirror, if you are an opportunist and mercenary word twister in every highest price and prize category! Your message I return to you now and not just in error! As I know exactly, and so do others, who is who in internationally orchestrated terror! And I report a crime, whenever I know about it, as is your responsibility! Prove that you surrender to the truth and now make to the truth and nothing but the truth the right move!