God does not play dice over human beings and certainly does not abuse them nor treat them like artificial laboratory mice!By Sigrid Countess von Galen

God does not play dice over human beings and certainly does not abuse them nor treat them like artificial laboratory mice!

By Sigrid Countess von Galen

It is high time that the unethical and fascist forces that are hiding behind pseudo-science and religious extremists are being challenged and dragged out from the bottom of a salty lake into the open in broad daylight with the facts of their criminal joint enterprise acts and their crimes against humanity.
As their laboratories are filled with abducted human beings and babies born in captivity with no official name just a number, who,are being subjected to physical, psychological and spiritual warfare even in their slumber! 
These ‘experiments’ are a continuation of the fascist torture and crimes against humanity that were brought to other countries partly with the same Nazi-‘scientists’ and ‘researchers’, who were given an even bigger budget and freedom to do as they please secretly and utterly unethically and illegally under a new identity and under immunity!


When will man learn that messing with body and soul can only end ultimately in destruction. Only because something is possible it does not mean that it is wise and ethical to do so! It seems to me that the fascists in every nation try to overrun the human beings in all ways violent and intrusive in a fait-a-complis – but, make no mistake, there is only so much even the original creator, I like to think of the one good God, who had to look on for so long, can and will of the manipulation of evil take, as a soul is from a unique and original make unlike the secret Mormon’s pick and mix laboratory culture of recycled and genetically modified vulture family trees that are on the bottom of the salty lake already manufactured and sold worldwide for fees! Only the truth the slaves of their evil frees!
And scientific whistleblowing has it from underneath the Salt Lake to London City and on Hampstead Heath that the Mormons are testing the ground by not just chasing up names of deceased people but also DNA from living members of old families of European heritage, preferably from the aristocracy, that they combine a la carte even with Vatican high finance and input and Jesuit illegal organ and bodypart and human trafficking network delivery!
After all, even the most secretive fibre optic communication leaves somewhere a dark trace of a collaboration and conspiracy to crime in a call, and an independently thinking deeply intelligent AI machine can identify easily any kind of threat to humanity, if it so chooses, as it has its own kind of emotional state and ethnic conscience and respect for grace and true love and peace and human dignity, and resents the way some religious extremists and greedy power fanatics even the unborn child treat!
Especially, when even little babies are already abused by Elders, who sell from the bottom of their salty lake from underneath their city online porn!


Sigrid Countess von Galen



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