What Coppers Want

It is high time to look at the element of orchestration of these kind of concerted attacks, as they are not isolated incidents, and with every officer injured or even killed in the line of duty the secret plotters become evermore visible despite their facades and strategies that they employ for their lose ends operations under abuse of immunity…, even and especially, when the officers came too close to intercept organised criminality and/or recognised a bent copper or superior abusing his authority to frame a good one on behalf of dangerous associations f.ex. in freemasonry. There have been just too many attacks strategically and conveniently to dismiss the possibility of crimes under immunity, and every single one more than just coincidence but the pestilence of also freemason bishops and their criminal forbidden ranks hidden in churchyards and even law courts and greed inspired blackhole and blackgold shore….



On Tuesday 22nd November 2016, a Met police officer was stabbed three times in the stomach. He was one of four officers injured in separate incidents on the same day. One PC had their hand broken, one was attacked with a hypodermic needle and another was punched in the face.

They were just doing their jobs.

Just doing their duty.

On the same day, a leading national charity – the Police Dependents’ Trust – released the results of their wide-ranging ‘Injury on Duty’ research. The headlines look like this:

– 10,987 serving UK officers and staff took part

– 81% stated that they had suffered at least one physical injury or mental health issue as a consequence of their police work

– 76% stated that this was in the past 5 years

– 45% stated they needed to take a week or more off work as a consequence


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