As they say: ‘The Devil points at him/herself in the end’- make whistleblowing an art and let the beasts boast for a start and from their foul mouth suddenly they no longer to the offshore coast depart and their own crimes upon an invitation for an initiation and feast fart! And out of business is an auditor, who likes to play the Hoxton Foxton Square tart, as his maid spilled the beans on his secret bribery shelf at a raid, and a butler no longer gets as loose end killed!

Some witnesses and victims have to make whistleblowing an art, as they walk around mine fields of evidence on desecrated ground, even when they about the weather talk, but faced with the facts of most evil heinous criminal acts, even the most vile perpetrator with mafia connections and immunity points the finger at him/herself in the end as a screeching mandrake singer and ultra-right extremist fascist winger and like a beast all her/his crimes boastingly with pride from their foul mouth farts! Including the lethal manipulation of go-carts and poisoned food in Walmarts!
By Sigrid Countess von Galen
You know it is serious, when real culprits in vestments or with large investments in organised crime falsely shame and frame a priest in order to destroy even from their travels and pulpits across the border his reputation from his early days as a South London boy to now, so that he cannot testify, as in question they deem his integrity!
You know it is serious, when a priest or police officer is put in a position of having to choose to schmooze the criminal hierarchies for his sheer survival, or to see his family one adter the other being killed, as there is always a whole hierarchy waiting in the lurch to plant strategically slander and false or stolen DNA as evidence to cover up a lodge’s pestilence!
Imagine, a churchwarden with international criminal and in her family already historical criminal cons worldwide extension of crime dominion as ambition, made possible by the secret fascist blackhole money accounts, of which a by corrupt freemasonry rank bishops’ selected crew from the pew, gives the freemason contacts in the BBC a call to arrange her church as a location for a murderous scenario of a vicar in her East End church to remind the priest ‘ to do as he is told, if he wants his wife to stay alive, or a Mike, also known as the Satanist grandmaster and as “the Pike”from Ontario’ will send his Russian mafia killers courtesy also of some corrupt churchhouse-Millers or lets the priest play himself on Crimewatch, when he does in more than one Carole’s death the evidence with another prank’s city church wreath under sulphur breath match!
Imagine, all the people in a community, the ones, who were decent and who had integrity, suddenly one after the other try to move away and die a sudden death, only because they dared and shared the truth and nothing but the truth and only about their neighbours in the warmest kindness cared!
But they were in the way and became an obstruction to bishops and developers, who found the same churchwarden ‘useful’ to empty via bribery and unblushing coldblooded murderous and criminal strategies a whole community of silent witnesses and loose ends and with another community ‘beacon’ appoints paedophiles as verger and deacon they even repeated the patterns across London and internationally, with their ever-growing fellows community also killing with poison and axes and chainsaws for each other’s profit and property in yet another country!
When organised criminality and crimes against humanity, incl. the killing of good and decent human beings with integrity is the daily bread of a priest in his East End community and when human life is by a freemasonry bishops hierarchy’s ritual knife treated as a commodity for sale, and when a priest is being threatened by freemasons to be framed via his bishop’s immunity, then, the priest becomes a defector as a loose end to the lies and evil devil’s den of his bishop/sand testifies against the churchwardens, past and present, and puts on the prosecutors’ and Interpol table all the facts including the ones of the latest Lent to prevent even more murder in Advent, and of most heinous criminal and even cannibal acts and blows the whistle with one, who even has a wistle in his name and who was also made a scapegoat for real culprits’ long overdue shame to their own name!
And this is not a fable but a chilling summary of the real state of affairs with numerous strands of hairs disappeared in secret laboratories, not just in oratories, and awaiting justice for the awakening and no longer silent witnesses and victims of fascist sleeper armies under the disguise of conventional interdenominational pilgrims!

When the pestilence of organised crime and crimes against humanity is an ongoing reality in community and parish life, it is no longer just a political matter or academic and theoretical and hypothetical – no, it is urgent, and we all must take up as witnesses our responsibility and speak out and at the evildoers point and expose their evil streak and make their future look indeed bleak for a creed that has only lust, obsession with power and greed in its book!​