Update of Key Findings:ICJ Report 8/2016Crimes of the powerful against humanity and white collar organised criminality under abuse of diplomatic immunity,By Sigrid Countess von Galen

Update of Key Findings:
ICJ Report 8/2016
Crimes of the powerful against humanity and white collar organised criminality under abuse of diplomatic immunity,
By Sigrid Countess von Galen
The following report is based on whistleblowers, victims and witnesses to the crimes listed, who were threatened by various officials in high places under abuse of the latters immunity, who are all known members of organised crime rings, Templars and freemasonry, they would be ‘dealt with like the other murdered loose ends of operations, or their families’, and with being ‘framed for the crimes’ of the real culprits.
In order to still keep the way open for prosecution and investigation under new investigative powers that are free of corruption and who are free of the above dangerous associations, the crimes committed and from records either defrauded or entirely omitted can  only be listed here but they should be known to the authorities, so that victims and whistleblowers can come forward confidently also publicly, when their safety and human dignity and justice and truth is being appropriately ensured.
Members of organised crime networks, whose families have been part of criminal hierarchies for more than two generations in London’s East End, and who have been placed strategically also via corrupt bishops strategically in key-positions such as vergers, church wardens, deacons or ambassadors of charities locally, nationally, and internationally and/or as scouts for vulnerable exploitable children and their families, who could also act as potential criminal informers and intelligence on policing and as surrogate prisoners for high profile criminal freemasons and other organisations with a hidden and forbidden agenda and as ‘sleepers’ for orchestrated attacks on individual persons of interest and on targeted groups in parishes all over London in addition to their origins in Tower Hamlets, Islington, Hackney, Southwark and Lewisham.
Churchwardens have been lately found with links to the Russian mafia, who are threatening with and executing attacks on ‘loose ends’ especially in the East End and South London and Westminster on behalf of an inner fascist circle in the Anglican and Vatican community.
Academics, who also were or are engaging in these inner circles in churches, charity boards and beyond, in thinktanks, but also on grassroots levels have been found infiltrating and mimicking and posing social services under abuse of immunity to lure vulnerable families into a circle of dependency and slavery to organised criminality and forced adoption.
It has been established that minority groups were also infiltrated and i.e. in the case of gender issues and campaigning for human rights these were used as smokescreens to legalise organised criminality on a big scale: Transgender, lesbian and gay campaigners were in fact organised criminals, who abused their secret societies’ prolonged corrupt arm of abuse of authority, and of immunity to pick and mix their criminal activity ranging from orchestrated mobbing, stalking, riots, to individually targeted murder and attacks on police officers, who had integrity and were in the way of a lodge or of a secret society’s or extremist group’s profitable criminal sidelines and multi-national triple accountancy.

Freemasonry/Templar CoE and RCC bishops and higher ranks have with the help of priories and oratories built a secret network for illegal cloning, ‘beast hatching’,  and not just for human egg theft via abuse of doctors’ authority, and illegal gene experimentation, organised medical crime, and also medical/cybercrime and health monitoring datasecurity breeches. 
Some bishops abused furthermore their HoL parliamentary privilege and their connections to get clearance for inofficial persons, academics and members of thinktanks, who were partly scientists and social workers or social scientists, who posed as social workers or doctors or nurses or therapists for their smokescreens even in day clinics, as part of a ‘supply chain’ for 1. organised child and ritual abuse and for 2. a wider criminal organisation that already drew on generations of expertly trained families each with a speciality in organised crime. Templars and freemasons were placed strategically in estates and overtook neighbourhood watches with corrupt officers, who then framed their decent and morally intact colleagues and neighbours, who got in their way.
Priests of those bishops were – often without knowledge of facts – forced into ‘doing as they were told’ regarding unexpected funerals or having to let churchwardens, who are in on the bishops’ crimes, manipulate the church records.
It was not an exception to see victims and loose ends being whisked off in ‘private ambulances’ and their murder being covered up by a whole community. 
Passports were stolen and identitytheft increasingly also online committed, wherever a person stood in the way of the organised criminality of the bishops or when the former started to ask questions and drew conclusions aloud and shared observations even in the cloud. 
Slander, gaslighting, isolation of such targets was the first choice after bribery or flattery and threats failed. 
Some priests, who were suspected or known to be whistleblowers were put under illegal surveillance and their friends and families stalked, too, and intimidated and outright threatened.
The press has widely failed them, as many journalists are also templars or freemasons and were part of the crime network for more than just the perks of their work. Police officers and secret agents also had to resort to outside whistleblowing, as they had become their superiors’ loose ends and assassination targets.
The child abuse inquiries have been largely obstructed by these bishops and their criminal spiderwebs, who also resort to blackmail and psychological warfare and poisoning of potential witnesses and loose ends and whose secret inner fascist church hierarchies within the hierarchy can draw on means and funds that have been in the hands and in changing locations in all nations via Templars, Freemasonry and other such spiderwebs, who do not just defraud history but also dry out literally the public koffers internationally, lately with even more ease via ransom and malware software and technology, and by means of infiltration as subcontractors in all tiers even in loopholes semi-legally…