John Donne: Metaphysical, by Sigrid Countess von Galen

John Donne: Metaphysical, 
by Sigrid Countess von Galen

It came to him in a dream,

but too horrid and vivid the vision

to tell her, and with her pregnant bosom 

lying next to her, Anne, his beloved blossom,

he could not even his agony out aloud scream –
he saw her dying in seven days,

the child as well, as cursed they had been

by those, who did pose as their friends

but who in reality were their most bitter enemy

and who hid from the couple their envy and 

their membership in hell!
He did ask an artist to be on call for when 

she was asleep one afternoon to make

an impression of her face for a shroud,

so that from that black cloth he could later,

should the dream become devastating reality

at least keep her close to his side in a cloud!
And one week did pass and indeed, she died

after having lost also the child, still to the last breath

she was kind, loving and meek, only true love 

and her heart’s truth as her creed and 

her body did ascend on August 15th like her soul

remembered from her incarnation as Mary Magdalene 
afloat upwards taken whole into heaven, and she 

did smile upon her beloved John, whose heart tore apart,

as she knew that this was the price to pay for one day

they would prove, when the time would come, which was known

only to some – after the contract between God and the devil would end –
that the church and its every shore lied about the eternal holy matrimony of 

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and that it was Judas’ church

in Rome, full of heresy and greed as creed, secretly dedicated

to the devil and his evil!
Next thing she remembered after her death is her beloved

spouse in their house, lying on their divan, and she afloating 

in her dress in blue next to him, but in the air, and orderly

was she from toe to hair, and John in prayer albeit in woe

that he could have her only for the rest of his life as his

beloved heavenly wife metaphysically next to him

 but nonetheless in terms of eternity
they did so obey the Holy Spirit voluntarily and 

did accept their destiny as fair, as the day

would come in another incarnation of his, Jesus Christ,

and her, Mary Magdalene, now John and Anne Donne,

that they would bring down with the facts the hierarchies

of evil and heresy and bring together from all corners

of the world the original eternal holy family and leave 
all the piety fakers and habitual criminal and murderous undertakers

posing as bishops and popes and cardinals and some as royalty

and as self-appointed olympic Divinity, in short: the walking dead,

to eat their own stale mouldy bread and to bury their dead alone,
whilst Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene would simply return

to Judas and his evil master and their pews in one big news blaster 

every single millstone of the Satanic hills of lies and 

open up the graves to collect back from 

the devil every stolen bone of the real saints to resurrect the

true picture!
And relics would then become corpus delicti and churches

and cathedrals shut for forensic investigation in every single

nation, where one secret Templar did with another in sin

and crime mingle! 
John and Anne Donne – DONE!!!

                  John Donne

    WHEN my grave is broke up againe


    Some second ghest to entertaine,


    (For graves have learn’d that woman-head


    To be to more then one a Bed)


        And he that digs it, spies


A bracelet of bright haire about the bone,


        Will he not let’us alone,


And thinke that there a loving couple lies,


Who thought that this device might be some way


To make their soules, at the last busie day,


Meet at this grave, and make a little stay?



        If this fall in a time, or land,


        Where mis-devotion doth command,


        Then, he that digges us up, will bring


        Us, to the Bishop, and the King,


          To make us Reliques; then


Thou shalt be a Mary Magdalen, and I


          A something else thereby;


All women shall adore us, and some men;


And since at such time, miracles are sought,


I would have that age by this paper taught


What miracles wee harmelesse lovers wrought.

Sigrid Countess von Galen

NEC LAUDIBUS NEC TIMORE (James John Westcott House)

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