Addicted to Violence

Sigrid Countess von Galen
Jan 19, 10:44

And the freemason death cult lore is doing the rest and does every single institution, organisation, company, charity, university and church hierarchies strategically with a culture of secret ritual and CSA and ritual knives and cover ups under abuse of immunity infest, and gangs secretly as their mercenaries grooms, who accept prison as an occupational hazard grooms and in organised crime internationally invests for even bigger returns! And the freemason bishops, cardinals, archbishops and popes of the Vatican and Anglican cross over grin into the victims and their families’ faces and shake hands with the freemason judge, who then lets murderers off the hook with a lesser sentence or frames an innocent man because he holds against him, or his wife, a grudge! Never mind the poisonous fudge that such vultures send for Christmas their opponents and those, who blew the whistle from the pulpits and pew! In every church every freemason knew, and that is the majority, who is the next victim and target, as they even text it in mass, who has the anti-dote for a successful result in the synod vote! With teenagers being under threat by such culprits, who frame even parents for various reasons, i.e. to increase numbers in enforced adoption to safeguard the CSA and ritual abuse and human trafficking and organ harvesting supply chain, in the freemasons’ human slaughterhouse, or to simply get rid of loose ends to high treason in any given season, children of supposedly privileged upbringing and those, who live in poverty share a destiny of premature death and silence of evil, as whole hierarchies worship violence, never mind the devil and abuse immunity and authority and seals to kill for fun or out of greed or envy and in order to increase a fascist territory across the border. If we stay complicit to this vast scale of freemason pestilence we have only ourselves to blame. We have a duty to the children the evildoers to name and shame, as only with all crimes exposed, can we this beast tame!



Society is addicted to it.

In homes. On streets. Outside pubs and clubs on a Friday night. After the football. On TV. In the cinema. On games consoles. On the web. In fact and in fiction.

We pursue it. We portray it. We glamourise it. We normalise it. We show it in slow motion replay. And we present it as entertainment.

I’m not about to come over all ‘Mary Whitehouse’ on you, but I am troubled by the consequences of it all.

Roll up, roll up for:

  • The serial killings
  • The gang rapes
  • The extremist executions
  • The teenage stabbings
  • The 24-hour news loops with scenes of atrocity playing on repeat

Is it any wonder that some of us are becoming desensitised; that some of us are losing the capacity to be shocked; that some of our young people in particular have lost sight of the consequences of their very…

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