First Hackney Meeting for victims/survivors of ritual&CSA

The First Meeting for Victims/Survivors of ritual and CSA
First Hackney Meeting for victims/survivors of ritual&CSA

The Truth Outreach Programme (TOP) ( will have its first meeting for victims/survivors of ritual&CSA on 4thApril 2017 in Hackney. Refreshments provided. Free.


Welcome to the Truth Outreach Programme!

Welcome to the Truth Outreach Programme!
The TOP is a free forum and roadshow from and for victims, survivors, sufferers and all, who are affected by ritual and CSA, male and female genital mutilation, illegal experimentation, organ harvesting, trafficking, human rights violations, or who help as professionals and volunteers in the process of getting to the truth and achieving justice for organised church and religious crimes and crimes that are committed under abuse of authority and immunity. 
The TOP is facilitated and run virtually, locally and internationally by volunteers of the Centre for Trauma Studies, The Institute for Criminology and Justice, James John Westcott House and the Clemens August Graf von Galen Institute, and offers an independent sanctuary for documentation, witness, healing, restorative justice and reconciliation with travelling exhibitions, events and advice. 
I am enormously grateful to all the witnesses, experts and volunteers, who donate and exchange their skills, research, documentation, expertise, even their food, living or office/work spaces, accommodation, and time for free for events, the maintenance of the online forum and for research and exhibitions.
It is a vast undertaking with numerous survivors of organised crimes like ritual and CSA, illegal experimentation and trafficking by churches and religious settings having already come forward.
Many crimes are also embedded in a wider context of organised criminality that is facilitated in silence under abuse of immunity and often and for a long time even under the clouds of church hierarchy and impunity.
And then, there is the long shadow of centuries cast especially by the Vatican, Anglican and Lutheran churches of exchange and withholding of vital information and falsified birth and death registration in every single nation, where religious leaders did with organised crime mingle!
We urge especially also the silenced descendants of ‘illegitimate’ families of popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and deacons, who were often either bribed or threatened and bullied all their lives by the hierarchies’ ritual knives and whose whole lives have been made a spiderwebbed hell with the help of many secret societies, who gaslit and forged fates of their targets and subjected them at liberty to all sorts of killing sports and notorieties!
Contact us, if you affected by any of the above topics. 
We are in the process of anonymising testimonies of survivors and witnesses for a first publication. 
If you need to report a crime, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate authorities. We can supply you with the contact details for law enforcement agencies, if you don’t know, where to turn to. There are also lawyers, who work on a no win no fee basis, and who have been successful in proceedings against the Catholic church and other organisations.
Only in the truth can we heal and grow!
Take it from one, who does it firsthand know!
Sending you my warmest wishes for a future that lets your soul blossom in the truth, and nothing but the truth! As only the truth brings justice and peace!
Sigrid Countess von Galen, Founder