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The Truth Outreach Programme (TOP):

Ritual Abuse, Fe/male Rape and CSA Survivors Community Notice Board:

First Meeting4survivors/victims of #CSA #ritualabuse #FGM in Hackney on 4th April.Free.Refreshments provided. #TOP Speak out! 
Regular TOP Survivor Meeting Groups:
Husband and Wife Groups for Survivors of CSA, Fe/Male Rape and Fe/Male Mutilation:
Speak out and share your pain with your spouse and a few others, who sit in the same boat. Community self-help in comfortable small group for husbands and their wives, who are coping with the trauma of abuse and rape. 
Some victims/survivors have kept their painful secret to themselves for a long time, some even having had to endure continuous contact with the perpetrator in a family or social and work setting.
There is also a further and widely unaddressed taboo of a considerable silent majority of male survivors, who were only entering a gay relationship because they were either confused for a long time after ongoing abuse by another man about their heterosexuality, or too ashamed and worried that the very coping with the trauma and its effects on a heterosexual relationship would be too much for a wife to bear.
This is obviously a strain often hidden in a chamber of the heart that either makes or breaks a marriage, depending, whether the truth gets a chance to live and trauma to be healed through it.

Only the Truth sets the Soul free! 
Groups for Male Survivors, who are not afraid to seek the Light and want to make a fresh start out of the darkness and slavery of often unspeakable evil on the way of the truth:

Another taboo that is lingering in the survivors community is that a past secret life as victim, which led for some to a life style of grooming and even career homosexuality. 
Some victims became also perpetrators themselves and are often too ashamed to even think back, never mind talk about this part of their suffering and wrongdoing, often resulting in ongoing PTSD and a tendency to suicide and hopelessness and despair and/or an attitude of cruelty towards others. 
As a consequence, many were stuck in a lifestyle of fear of blackmail and a culture of secrecy and evil and silencing, resulting also in dangerous associations like freemasonry and Templars and their organised criminality, and being a pawn to the spiderwebs of these often high circles, who abuse also immunity and have often impunity.
Only the truth sets the soul free and body and mind follow suit and can with the taboos broken and the veil of silence lifted finally a new life free of guilt but of hope and true love see!
There is always a way out of the slavery of evil and drawing clear boundaries in associations, and reporting a crime or voluntary steps to restorative justice are definitely a way forward to heal in the truth!
All groups are self-help groups and what is said stays in the group. They take place in the homes or office spaces of either volunteers or group members. 
All groups are free. Refreshments are also provided for free.
We also invite guest speakers to various aspects but that will be discussed first to cater for the needs of the groups.
From May there is also a wonderful opportunity to have half-day meetings literally sitting in the same boat on a canal narrowboat. This would be for up to twelve individual people or five to six couples, and the only cost involved would be for the boat rental, which would be £ 10 pp.

First Meeting4survivors/victims of #CSA #ritualabuse #FGM in Hackney on 4th April.Free.Refreshments provided. #TOP Speak out!
For more information, please, contact: 
Sigrid Countess von Galen

Meet other survivors of #CSA #MaleRape #FemaleRape #Fe/maleGenitalMutilation #FGM #CSASupportGroups #Self-Help #TOP

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