First London CSA and ritual abuse Multi-disciplinary Forum for Child Abuse Lawyers, Police Officers, Judges, Prosecutors, Social Workers, Medical and Social Sciences Professionals and Survivors in February 2018

First London CSA and ritual abuse Multi-disciplinary Forum for Child Abuse Lawyers, Police Officers, Judges, Prosecutors, Social Workers, Medical and Social Sciences Professionals and Survivors in February 2018
Venue: t.b.a. (Possibly in the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch)

The Truth Outreach Programme is organising the First London CSA and ritual abuse Multi-disciplinary Forum for Child Abuse Lawyers, Police Officers, Judges, Prosecutors, Social Workers, Medical and Social Sciences Professionals, PTSD Therapists and Survivors in February 2018.
Experts and survivors, share your experiences and expertise. Listen and be listened to in a unique supportive atmosphere and help those, who are still learning to use their voice for finding the courage to break the silence and to talk about the ordeals they endured, and also those, who help others, who seek their help to be heard and to find healing and the appropriate legal support.
When listening to all the various parties to the IICSA on social media and in person, I felt strongly that all would benefit from direct exchange with both, out-of-the-box approaches and with good old fashioned investigation and multi-disciplinary techniques and especially from getting to hear firsthand in a safe and sheltered environment the various stories.
I feel strongly that more needs to be done actively and speedily but also thoroughly to get to grips with what seems the biggest source of agony and dark history that was kept under lock for such a long time in all parts of society.
We owe it to future generations that the present victims can heal from their wounds and get help and are aided appropriately selflessly and as much as possible unbureaucratically! 
That applies also to police officers, judges, prosecutors, juries and lawyers, who have to master more than their share of horror that is unfolding in the live testimonies of victims and survivors and their families. They, too, need support in many different ways! 
Let us all pull together and work together hand in hand, and drive out the beasts in all walks of societies, who prey on the vulnerable. And especially take to task those, who pose as noble and learned friends under the entrance lamp of the law society, and who poison loose ends under masks from sponsored freemasonry or Templar flasks!

Everybody loves a good story: Here is one I put unto you discretely courtesy of a high-court judge, who was appalled by certain colleagues, who via their secret society every single investigation into CSA stalled! He simply had faith in the peace and justice that only the truth, and nothing but the truth can bring and was given by Her Majesty personally a wing of St George’s dragon, and did new evidence of utmost pestilence and criminal decadence to the spot light and into the camera next to the High Court bring!
And with this proof of some highest ranking black sheep with devil’s hoof under the law society’s roof even Her Majesty rather stayed from them aloof and entrusted the fate of the victims to an undercover agent, whom many call ‘Father’, and who in turn kept many documents and DNA safe for the law enforcement to be picked up from his church even in many an urn and who made the blind see and the deaf hear and the mute speak out miraculously from the big silence.
And most of all, he lent his words and voice day and night simultaneously to my pen and to my i-pad key and thus, we were able to turn the table on the abusers and perpetrators in high circles, who had abused authority, seal and immunity even in our community and who had committed crimes against humanity even with illegal human experimentation and sexual exploitation, organ harvesting and human trafficking and who had silenced their victims with knives, guns and swords!
There is, of course, lots more to talk about but that is better left to a proper debriefing with those, who kept despite the widespread silencing and gaslighting tactics and threats to their lives and/or that of their wives and friends and family their sanity and integrity regardlessly of the dangers!
Let’s break the silence and the gates of hell open and make the real culprits visible and arrest them even in vestments for their insider deal investments and viral infestments and let them even pay collectively for conferences like this as a first gesture of good will and repentance and part of their punishment and keep them in isolation in any nation!
After all, a former high court judge and his spiderweb of freemasons did not have any authorisation to abuse in the week between 14th and 21st May 2011 a former Shoreditch courthouse and police station for his mass initiations and Egyptian death cult ceremonies with child sacrifices and torture and murder of loose ends in his long standing dangerous law associations!

And to end any speculation: Yes, foresaid former judge is now testifying and no longer the truth denying but all victims are also on other witnesses relying and on their integrity and honesty! Time for justice and hope and faith in the greater good true restoration!

Only the truth can set the soul free, and in every corrupt see simply start by revoking the perpetrators’ immunity!
And foresaid judge also had on Saturday the 14th of May 2011 his lodge’s cars parked demonstratively in a half moon position in St Chad’s carpark, where he had teamed up with the CoE and RCC London diocese arch/bishops under codename ‘Sharks’. And all, to prevent a priest from making to the future king an SOS call, as he had overheard a plot for the latter’s assassination and that of his son in the next generation and was about to send a text!
Amazing grace, when a humble ticket inspector recognises and points his finger at a certain church singer and a judge and a bishop and a lawyer, of whom each the fare to Canary Wharf dodges and remembers to have seen them regularly on the DLR camera and so, it was all in vain that they tried to hide their face in the lurch, as he wondered, why they always bind under the camera their shoe lace!
Perseverance works! As in the end the devils always point at themselves and no longer their own heads and tails and mixed up stolen mails find…


Sigrid Countess von Galen NEC LAUDIBUS NEC TIMORE (James John Westcott House) @instcrimjust @CTraumastudies @sigridvongalen

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