‘Not every enforced adopted or Foster child has been trafficked via a transit and immunity of a secret society of organised criminality and with triangular top Foster hierarchy impunity…’,say former grand masters from ww Drury lane Freemasonry HQ, ‘and not every child was subjected to its ritual ceremony…’

Imagine! What if…- a scenario of arresting fury for Europol and Interpol:
Child Trafficking and other organised crime right under the glass roof facilitated by Drury lane and Wall Street grand masters with a devil’s hoof – 
By Sigrid Countess von Galen

Imagine: What if … for inside traders goes finally and suddenly all wrong, as the child they brought from New York to Frankfurt via London did actually not to them belong…
They won the child in a secret society draw and were the winners with the long straw! All paperwork facilitated under abuse of authority, seals and immunity via an international secret group of grand masters of Freemasonry and Templars and whatnot secret society, who meet in jet set circles and in transit, 
whilst exchanging bribery money for a loose end’s murderous hit and in the restroom change into new designer clothes and leave behind their instruments of evil and laundry for stand-by crews to find, whilst the boarding staff they with curses of hell spellbind.
But make no mistake, whilst the magic is fake, the next ‘winner’ and criminal sinner already via a delivered uniform pram or pushchair that has the same make as norm does another or the same child to yet another couple for a reward confirmed by text take – 
and what better cover than to deliver a presentation letter to a commercial tower, where there are sinister ongoings hidden in the crowds but the video conveniently out of order due to an insider’s access to forbidden areas and a corrupt blind eye disguised as human error,
and organised is even a kidnapper’s dress, as s/he poses as hired nanny at the high finance tower or as a partner waiting at a congress.
The criminals are in full visibility but made invisible with the help of a whole secret hierarchy that operates internationally under abuse of immunity and facilitates witness silencing and impunity, and gets away even with murder regularly!
Professors, lawyers, bankers, traders, therapists, doctors, bishops, politicians, who subscribe to the occult and death cult societies have access to official networks of authority that operate within a company, organisation, institution, charity or university and clinical and research facility, and are aiding or plotting or facilitating actively organised criminality.
Bonus Air miles are being used for money muling and other criminal courier activities, and wherever diplomatic immunity is at play, drugs and arms and children and organs and files are being exchanged and delivered even in a parking bay.
Some also steal a colleague’s or target’s identity and frame loose ends with planted DNA and purchase with credit cards a last minute deal…
Time for the high flyers in white collars to report their illegal activity voluntarily, and to surrender their blackhole pounds, Euros or dollars and other stolen loot, as the time has come, where grand masters find themselves in courtroom shelves and on the run from their own on foot! 
There is nowhere to hide for fraudsters and criminals, who did themselves corrupt and betray witness protection programmes and compromised safe houses and framed decent law enforcement officers and agents and destroyed their integrity!
What goes around comes around! And even the most vicious and malicious grand masters after sudden news blasters by their victims themselves ever faster in their own hell found, as they could be traced back from Frankfurt to London City in a day, and could be placed under a Wren building with a bell!
Survivors these days no longer stay silent, they do all to the appropriate, and if necessary, higher and furthest authority tell!

Broken via the facts of most criminal heinous acts are suddenly silencing spells and found in a churchwarden’s flat many stolen artefacts…