Paradise is for the Victims, not the Perpetrators! The Victims, especially in the Line of Duty, are the Martyrs, the Evildoers simply hired assassinators and manipulated Infiltrators! The former receive honours and will be remembered for eternity, the latter from the book of life dismembered and entered into the records as crook with knife! By Sigrid Countess von Galen

There has come the time, where all have to stand up to be counted as defying organised terror and sponsoring of organised crime! We cannot take the selfless sacrifice of unarmed or armed police officers on a daily basis for granted, as the dark forces behind such evil are willing just anybody and anywhere mercilessly to be killing! 

It comes at a price, when we stay silent on those, who with intricate smokescreens disguise themselves as pillars of society but who sabotage from within centres of power as moles and make a crime look as an isolated event aiming to create fear and chaos and even anarchy to destroy law and order and to put to the test democracy. 

PC Keith Palmer’s bravery and selflessness is amplified in that of his colleagues and friends and they deserve better than to receive posthumously a commendation letter! They need to be properly equipped and, more importantly, receive moral and psychological support from the very people, whom they defend with their lives. 

Especially from the members of an institution that only recently attacked the officers, who had asked for spithoods and other means, verbally and hurtfully – and parliamentary sessions for the future of policing are shamefully not exactly attended by the very persons, who are being protected tirelessly, in great numbers! 

I hope that worldwide the good and decent and brave police officers are being given the support they deserve and inspire with their humility as a majority as a result of this sacrifice! 

If the officers, who died in the line of duty could pass on to some gambling parties and decision makers, the evidence of many a DNA on a gentlemen’s club and think tank hub’s glass, many a diplomatic immunity would be revoked immediately, as officers have been also systematically framed and falsely shamed and wrongly blamed for the plots bred and born in spots, where beasts play gods over dice!

 And many a city church or mosque or synagogue has been infiltrated by secret societies, who do sponsor assassinations and heinous terror acts over a blood feast! And not just in the Lambeth or Westminster palace has many a police officer been targeted as a loose end by assassins or awoken sleepers hired or influenced or blackmailed by masked figures,

 who want to overthrow the status quo from wherever they are, and who do pretend that they do about their community care but who do actually lie in bed with the enemy and do strategically also for bribery or fame high clearance insider knowledge share, and ‘forget’ their laptop or files in the car boot or in a bin, and who pose even as a target’s next of kin. 

Our police forces face such magnitude and variety of threats locally, nationally and internationally that they need to be ahead of the criminals and plotters and mercenaries, who know only greed and power obsession and blood lust as their creed! We must sow peace through justice and truth as seed! 

And each take up our responsibility, as the time has arrived that we face violence and anarchy around the corner even ignited remotely – you might not think it is important, what you saw but even a straw in a street of a dock can be a ticking clock for a maritime attack.

 So, report what you see and even an admiral might suddenly know and show in the memory of a brave police officer to his colleagues from the diplomatic protection command the respect they deserve, as grave is the severity and variety of threats reported by many a volunteer hacker, who the police selflessly supported and went undercover as a backpacker…

We are all indebted to the world’s finest Bobbies! And I stand before them against any evildoing lobbies! As one day, if we do take these beacons of the human spirit for granted, there might not be left many, or indeed: any, to defend our lives! Stand up to every culture that uses murderous ritual knives!