End Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

We all have a responsibility and duty to not get stuck in inertia and complicity but to help in preventing, disrupting, exposing and bringing to justice CSA, modern slavery, organ harvesting and human trafficking.

These crimes are almost always connected to other organised criminality and provide a supply chain for the dark forces in our society, who feed on greed and lust and obsession and often delusion with power and expansion of territory.

All of these organised crimes are conceived and facilitated initially by somebody, who has access, motive and opportunity to make a reality his victims’ worst nightmares via a whole host of mercenaries, often cherrypicked, recruited or blackmailed and groomed into a more or less secret lifestyle based on bribery and corruption.

It starts often in a neighbourhood, where organised crime has almost a longstanding tradition and even family history, where almost an entire community is part of the supply chain to criminal master minds. 

There are also interconnections with secret societies like Freemasons and Templars or politically motivated anarchists, who act as mercenaries and intermediaries, sometimes with a set of families strategically housed or placed complimentary and courtesy of higher ranks, who abuse their authority or instruct their juniors to waive any restrictions and to facilitate crime scene clean ups and cover ups as speciality.

It is because of such hidden and forbidden spiderwebs that often whole scores of children and adult victims can be disappeared successfully by a criminal community that is used to live on bribery for life, and that from birth of a child assesses his or her monetary potential either to be abused as future criminal, CSA or ritual abuse sacrificial lamb, or as teenage IVF surrogate mother, or as a vulnerable and thus potential sales object for CSA and enforced adoption, with a whole community of evildoers providing false or silent witness or slander as stated in secret message via the local community or church hall group.

And usually, such criminal structures are shadow policed by at least one payroll member of a secret society, who then can manipulate and threaten witnesses and victims as needed to let the true criminal go free.

Good police officers and undercover investigators and agents have been framed by such communities and good community leaders with integrity sabotaged systematically and slandered and even murdered strategically.

We might not be able to prevent every crime but we can try by putting the facts and our observations on a multi-agency and volunteer  table to bring an end to a culture of killing and window silling and stalking alerts by phone or cable drilling!

And by spilling the beans on organised criminality with creative and peaceful but most effective means to the appropriate agency, we can even bring justice to a most notorious church congregation that only pretends to be to peace a host but whose wardens and board and church members are really all grand masters, male and female, who spin even against the loose ends of their own kins a false horror tale.

And they are also criminal opportunists, who serve all paying masters and from one steal just to get for the same bounty an evenbetter deal. There are high ranking members of church and political and economical hierarchies and thinktanks, who use strategically every community as facilitator and their communal facility as their base and meeting place, where they all have left one time or another of their crimes a trace!

Usually, only the perpetrators and the victims know the true extent of unspeakable crimes. Make them visible, audible and blow the whistle even in rhyme and pantomimes, if all else fails to prevent or prove a crime and to cut through the supply chain and to disrupt the next move! Even in a tweet or text!

And we must make criminals feel our disgust and contempt by simply not greeting them any longer in the street and by certainly not attending with them a public meeting…
Testify, testify, testify, and thus do organised criminals the next chance to rape, abduct, traffick, slander or to kill a human being deny! 
Sigrid Countess von Galen
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