End Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Institute for Criminology and Justice

We all have a responsibility and duty to not get stuck in inertia and complicity but to help in preventing, disrupting, exposing and bringing to justice CSA, modern slavery, organ harvesting and human trafficking.

These crimes are almost always connected to other organised criminality and provide a supply chain for the dark forces in our society, who feed on greed and lust and obsession and often delusion with power and expansion of territory.

All of these organised crimes are conceived and facilitated initially by somebody, who has access, motive and opportunity to make a reality his victims’ worst nightmares via a whole host of mercenaries, often cherrypicked, recruited or blackmailed and groomed into a more or less secret lifestyle based on bribery and corruption.

It starts often in a neighbourhood, where organised crime has almost a longstanding tradition and even family history, where almost an entire community is part of…

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