BREXIT EXITUS (Death was a Master from Germany/’Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland’), by Countess Sigrid von Galen

via Der Tod war und ist ein Meister aus Deutschland (Death was a Master from Germany), by Countess Sigrid von Galen

Those, who did not stop the fascist snowball of Brexit must now face the music and have only themselves and each other to blame, if they become, contrary to their selfish expectations and manipulations, their own avalanche and each other’s demise. Time, the names from behind the scenes in the bright light of the truth, and nothing but the truth also in the right spaces with their real faces in international investigations and courtrooms to drop! As organised criminality on a vast scale under abuse of highest immunity and of impunity due to diplomatic status was and is the real reason for this high treason towards humanity, as human beings are being maltreated, cheated of dignity and peace and sold on, even in parts, like a commodity. The truth did fulfill to justice and peace more than just her obligation – it is on the conscience of collective and individual voices, who purposefully made all the wrong choices and who silenced the few righteous and truly wise, when the sandcastles come crushing down as quicksand on the former, not just anymore in a nightmare, but not even leaving them an instant for help to scream! Over from Rome to Dover and around the globe is the hidden fascist new world order dream! No matter, how wildly and distant for miles thunders an Underworld-ly stage stroboscope! Nothing new…